Why you need a great website in 2019


The value of having a clear web presence cannot be overstated. It is the difference between being perceived as a serious business prospects should patronize versus a prospect mistakenly assuming you are out of business. I know…it is kind of crazy when you think about it! Prospects have such short attention spans, such little patience that even the brief sight of a website that is dated, dysfunctional or inaccurate could will cost you that potential sale.

Dated. Dysfunctional. Likely Inaccurate Website. This type of work will not achieve your goal!

To be clear, not everyone needs to win a world class design award for their beautiful web work. Our belief is that design should always serve a clear business objective. Put simply, it doesn’t matter how good the website looks if it doesn’t work to achieve your goal. What do you want people to do on your website? There should always be a clearly defined action(s) you want to take prospects through on your website. Here are a few goals that could make sense fo your personal brand or business that has a website:

  1. Watch video
  2. Peruse photographs (Gallery)
  3. Fill out a contact or order form
  4. Engage social media
  5. Join mailing list
  6. All of the above?

Branding and marketing is far more extensive process than just throwing up a SquareSpace website and hoping for the best though! The quality of your web elements is what will differentiate your website from the millions of haphazard monstrosities parading around as websites on the world wide web today (yuck and eww). Investing in high quality photography, videography, graphic design and web copy are super important to achieving the kind of impact you will need to win new customers online. So many business owners make the mistake of cutting corners on this extra stuff. Trust me, you pay so much more in the long run. Be wise! Don’t commit to investing in a new website if you are unwilling to build beautiful and impactful media to compliment and complete your web experience. If you are looking to reach an audience with a commercial message today, having a modern website with a clear call to action is a non-negotiable.

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